My Story

I am a Certified Transformationalist Trainer and a Certified Thetahealer who has spent more than ten years undertaking and studying transformational leadership. I am the Co-Founder and C.E.O of Divine Journey facilitating workshop programs and healing work to provide men and women with the necessary tools to create the breakthroughs they seek in their lives. I am extremely passionate about helping others discover the same monumental, sustainable shifts that impacted and changed my life through the Divine Journey principles I developed. I once made a promise to myself that I would never engage my time and energy into anything that wasn't aligned with my principles and values. I vowed that I would spend my time only doing things that helped others and that elevated humanity. I am very proud of what I have created in my life and I invite you to do the same. Join me on this ultimate journey of discovery and evolution to a life of your dreams. It is possible. I know it is and I hope you will allow me to help you achieve the same for you. I am so happy you chose to visit my site and I very much look forward to connecting with you on a personal level.. From my heart to yours, with love, Mio.